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Feudi del Pisciotto is a winery both old and new in origin, producing wines of the highest quality in the heart of Sicily. It is located between Piazza Armerina, the home of ceramics, and Caltagirone with its miraculously intact Roman villa, and is 7km from the sea. The Feudo, or feudal manor house, dates back to the 1700’s and at the time of it’s construction was one of the largest in Sicily. The oldest part of the building includes the Palmento, from the Latin paumentum, or ‘to press’. Here the term refers to the pressing of grapes which in this case enter the vats from above, by force of gravity alone, a method judged today as being the most efficient.

Restored without any modifications to the original structure, the Palmento is connected to a modern cellar housing the most advanced technology and capable of handling up to10 thousand hectolitres. The vineyards, which have been planted around the Feudo, are at present 40 hectares of the final 150 and are comprised of the chief indigenous species (from Nero d’Avola to Frappato) and international varieties including Merlot and Cabernet. The old Feudo borders on the Pisciotto Reserve which is rich in cork trees and some hundred or so other species. Giacomo Tachis, together with Alessandro Cellai in his role as managing director of the Tuscan estates of Castellare and Rocca di Frassinello (the joint venture with Domain Baron Rothschild-Lafite), had the inspired idea of also cultivating Semeillon and Gewurztraminer to be destined for the production of a superior Passito. The first true harvest of the new vineyards took place in 2007. Despite the youth of the vines, astonishing results were achieved from all varieties, a quality deserving of a special kind of presentation as defined by the concept of ‘Made in Italy’. Paolo Panerai, who chairs the company throughCompagnia Immobiliare Azionaria and is also head of Castellare and Rocca di Frassinello, wanted to unite these wines with the maximum definition of ‘Made in Italy’ itself; fashion design.
With a view to this, Panerai invited top Italian designers to participate in the launch of these great Sicilian wines, part of the annual proceeds of which will be donated to the restoration of a work of art, chosen from amongst the islands great wealth of treasures. This proposal has resulted in labels designed by Valentino, Versace, Missoni, Blumarine, Alberta Ferretti, Gianfranco Ferré and Carolina Marengo, the youngest designer, but already acclaimed by the Herald Tribune. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccoli (fronting the Valentino team) have produced a label which immediately evokes the perfumes and vivacious hues of Merlot; Donatella Versace, a lover of the king of Sicilian reds Nero d’Avola, chose the Versace symbol of the Medusa. Anna Molinari, the soul of Blumarine with her soft and harmonious pastels, has designed a label which marries perfectly with the sweetness of Moscato. The various tones of colour which are always the seal of Missoni have resulted in an ideal label for Cabernet Sauvignon; the two labels by Carolina Marengo, with her sensual touch, magically appear for Frappato and Grillo. The richly rigorous creativity of Alberta Ferretti finds it’s natural partner in the grandiose structure of Chardonnay; while the perfect architecture of Gianfranco Ferré unites magnificently with the complexity of Passito.



Art, fashion and wine. The three most important symbols of Italy and why Italy is celebrated throughout the world.

These are the elements that go to make up the Feudi del Pisciotto project, conceived and realized together with the Local Authority for Sicilian Cultural Heritage, the Supervisory Board of Cultural Heritage of Palermo, and with the generous support and assistance of the most famous Italian designers, from Valentino to Ferrè, Versace, Brioni, Giambattista Valli, Blumarine and Alberta Ferretti, Missoni and Carolina Marengo.
These illustrious names from the world of Italian fashion have enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to make their own contribution to Sicilian wines and Sicily in general for the Italian Fashion Top Designers Collection, extraordinary labels displaying creativity and elegance for a prestigious series of wines from Feudi del Pisciotto. In exchange, Feudi has pledged a percentage of sales profits from the Italian Fashion Top Designers Collection to the restoration, in due course, of some of the great works of art to be found throughout the island. Achieved with the warm support of the Province of Sicily and the Board of Palermo, this meaningful collaboration celebrates the ‘Made in Italy’ brand at its highest level; fashion and wine.

This year, thanks to Feudi del Pisciotto, a selection of the stucco works of Giacomo Serpotta (Palermo 1656-1732), one of the greatest and most original interpreters of Sicilian Baroque and amongst the most noted Seventeenth Century sculptors and exponents of the art of stucco, will be restored.
His craftsmanship, extending the boundaries of Dramatic or Classicist Baroque, expresses itself in works which anticipate and define the exuberance so characteristic of European Rococo. Particularly significant in the work of Giacomo Serpotta is, as described by Giulio Carlo Argan, ‘the little theatre of perspective’, where stucco is constructed in the image of a true stage, depicting naturalistic or architectural scenes within which the engraved characters enact their roles, bringing the whole composition to life “in a harmony almost musical or theatrical”.
A selection of these masterpieces of Sicily and Europe (in particular the ‘Immortal’ series) will be amongst the first to benefit from the Italian Fashion Top Designers Collection of Feudi del Pisciotto. This marriage of wine and art will, after a preview at Mint (Milan International Antiques and Modern Art Fair), be officially unveiled in Sicily, the birthplace of Serpotta and of Feudi del Pisciotto.

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