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South-West Sicily



Menfi, located at Porto Palo, the ancient port of Selinunte: an area with one of richest histories in the whole of Sicily, a region distinguished by natural landscapes of rare beauty, a nature reserve at the mouth of the river Belice and palmetto palms, tamarisks, spiny rushes and yellow hornpoppies.
The vineyards stretch as far as the beach, occupying a terrain that varies from clay to sandy and with small streams that release nutrients and mineral salts to the vineyards before flowing into the sea.

The vineyard Gurra di Mare

In a land that throughout its history has provided a meeting point between different worlds and cultures lies the vineyard of Tirsat, which in Arabic means reef. Facing east-west, it offers a difficult but ideal terroir for the Chardonnay and Viognier vines: its soil and unique micro-climate give the grapes an exceptional aromatic intensity together with a pleasing freshness.

The company Gurra di Mare

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