“They produce world-class wines; they are leaders in their regions; and witness the diversity, heritage and authenticity that are the hallmarks of Italian wine”. With these words, Wine Spectator executive editor, Tom Matthews, describes the 34 Italian best wineries that have been always awarded by OperaWine during the 10 editions of the event.

Castellare di Castellina_OperaWine2021_artwork 1_eng Most of them are in Tuscany: nine top wineries, including Castellare di Castellina, our historic cellar located in Chianti Classico which, since the first edition has always been selected to take part in the global tasting event held by the authoritative American wine magazine during the Vinitaly.

A recognition that rewards the excellence of Castellare di Castellina wines, appreciated all over the world, just like the other 33 best Italian wineries whose common hallmark is “the top quality, despite the difference in styles and sizes”, underlined the executive editor of Wine Spectator.

During the preview of the event, now in its 10th edition, Bruce Sanderson – Wine Spectator senior editor and taster for the Tuscan wines – introducing our winery said: “… Castellare di Castellina and the two other splendid wineries, Rocca di Frassinello in Tuscany and Feudi del Pisciotto in Sicily”.

An important recognition for the DCC-Domini Castellare di Castellina family: Rocca di Frassinello in the Tuscan Maremma and Feudi del Pisciotto in Sicily, in fact, are also examples, like Castellare di Castellina, for the quality and territoriality they are able to express in their wines, already awarded during the OperaWine past editions.

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