The 2021 vintage of Castellare di Castellina Chianti Classico is ready to delight the wine lovers. And with it, comes a new bird on the label, a symbol of a viticulture based on sustainability, according to the company’s production philosophy. Copertina_Chianti Classico 2021 Castellare At Castellare estate, the Chianti Classico is produced using only two indigenous grape varieties: Sangioveto, the main vine of Tuscany that makes up 90% of the blend, and the remaining 10% of Canaiolo, another typical grape of the area. The authentic Chianti Classico, therefore, without the addition of international vines such as Cabernet or Merlot, to maintain the original formula of the most famous among the Italian wines showing, at the same time, the utmost elegance.

Immagine Zigolo testa aranciata The new bird
On the label of the 2021 vintage appears the Red-headed Bunting (Emberiza bruniceps), a passerine bird whose name is due to the lively color of its plumage. The breeding male, in fact, has bright yellow underparts, green upperparts and a brownish-red face and breast. The female is a washed-out version of the male, with paler underparts, a grey-brown back and a greyish head. The song, given from a high perch, is a jerky sweet-sweet-churri-churri-churri. It feeds on seeds and invertebrates which, however, it finds increasingly difficult due to the indiscriminate use of pesticides in agriculture. Castellare has chosen this little bird, depicting on the label a drawing by the artist-ornithologist John Gould (who lived in the Victorian era), to testify to the commitment to the protection of endangered species by carrying on a viticulture that bans the use of synthetic chemicals.

The 2021 vintage
The premises of the 2021 harvest in Tuscany were not the best due to the prolonged lack of rain. Fortunately, however, in early September, the low temperatures in the night allowed the grapes to ripen perfectly. Thanks to this unexpected turnaround, it was an excellent vintage, especially for Sangiovese which, being a late grape variety, benefited more from the cooler temperatures. The 2021 vintage of the Chianti Classico by Castellare is a round, soft and savory wine. Thanks to the harmony of the tannins, combined with the delicate complexity of the aromas and the final note of sweetness, it shows a perfect balance in the mouth.

Castellare di Castellina - Chianti Classico Docg 2021_2 The wine pairing
The Chianti Classico by Castellare is a very versatile wine that goes well with structured and tasty dishes, such as pasta with ragout, aged cheeses, stewed meats, roasts but above all with the classic Florentine steak, an ideal combination that pays homage to the best Tuscan culinary tradition.

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