Castellare di Castellina Castellare di Castellina is pleased to introduce the 2022 vintage of its Chianti Classico, a wine that symbolizes Tuscan tradition, made exclusively with indigenous grape varieties.

A blend of Sangiovese (90%) and Canaiolo (10%), Castellare’s Chianti Classico maintains the authentic formula of Italy’s most famous wine, without the addition of international grape varieties such as Cabernet or Merlot. It tells the story of Tuscany in every glass, striving for maximum elegance.

With a new vintage comes a new bird on the label, symbolizing a commitment to sustainability, a cornerstone of the winery’s production philosophy. Adorning the bottle is an image taken from a drawing by the artist-ornithologist John Gould, who lived in the Victorian era. The drawing features a Saltimpalo, a delicate bird from the passerine family known for its round shape and the habit of perching on top of poles, twigs, and elevated perches. The Saltimpalo is primarily a solitary bird, even during migration. When perched, it continually moves its tail and focuses on hunting for prey. It typically doesn’t undertake long flights, as it’s a short-distance migratory bird.

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The 2022 harvest
The 2022 summer in Chianti Classico was characterized by drought, but fortunately, it didn’t affect the development of the grape. Spring rains helped create sufficient water reserves that the vines could draw upon during the hotter months. Additionally, late summer temperature fluctuations allowed the Sangiovese grapes to develop properly. In mid-August, rainfall provided milder temperatures and an essential water supply for optimal grape ripening. Prolonged heat and low humidity minimized the risk of diseases. The 2022 Chianti Classico from Castellare is round, soft, and savory on the palate. Thanks to the harmony of its tannins, combined with the delicate complexity of its aromas and a final touch of sweetness, it offers a sensation of perfect balance in the mouth.

Castellare’s Chianti Classico is a versatile wine that pairs well with structured and flavorful dishes, such as pasta with meat sauces, aged cheeses, braised meats, roasts, and especially the classic Florentine steak – an ideal pairing that pays homage to the best Tuscan culinary tradition.

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