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The Maremma Toscana



Located in the southern tip of Tuscany, the Maremma lies between hills with very variable soils - sandstone, galestri, volcanic rock - and a coastal plain made up of alluvial basins. The Mediterranean climate, with the softening action of the sea and low rainfall during the growing season, allows for perfect ripening of the grapes. As well as Sangiovese, the Tuscan grape variety par excellence, the vineyards of the Tuscan Maremma also provide a perfect terroir for international varieties, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon first and foremost.

The Vineyard Baffonero

Baffonero derives its name from a vineyard with a North/South-West orientation that favours exposure to the sun's rays during the afternoon. Ventilation is constantly assured in summertime by a prevailing wind from the North West, moderating maximum daytime temperatures and enabling slower ripening of the grapes. The day-night temperature range in this area favours the build-up of aromas and the maintenance of adequate levels of organic acids in the berry.
The soil, which is mainly made up of shale, allows for good drainage and thus drastically reduces the vigour of the plants, limiting their production: the cluster is loose, uniform, small in size and with grape tissues of a high density. The soil acts on the grapes giving them concentration, excellent extracts and tannin content, but maintaining a marked acidity which is retained on harvesting.
Meticulous manual skills in selecting the shoots, managing the canopy and thinning out the grapes ensures that the plant reaches its own optimal balance.

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